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Monday, December 20, 2004
My Blog Sucks


Greg over at http://hastyruminations.blogspot.com/ told me about Blog Explosion so I went over to check it out. You sign up, surf blogs, get credits and people get referred to your website. What an excellent idea....and it turns out its not the traffic to my blog that I'm most interested in! Its an excellent opportunity to scan blogs and steal their funny pictures! Here's one of them...

I went to a blog, I saw, I right-clicked and I stole! What....stealing is wrong, you say? Hmmmm, never thought of it that way. Morals and blogging are such separate schools of thought. Maybe Blog Explosion isn't such a good idea for me then? Probably not, since I've already halfway exceeded my bandwidth of picture hosting for the day and the sun isn't even up yet.

I also saw where I had gotten all these hits and not a single person bookmarked my site....which tells me that either my site really sucks or Blog Explosion people aren't really out to FIND sites, they just want to up their own numbers. I think it may be that my site really sucks. When 75 people visit your site and not one single person bookmarks it....it's pretty safe to say your site sucks. BUT....I have found someone that's going to help me pimp my blog....I'm going to get a nice design and even learn how to link to my friends' blogs. Expect a major new look to Planet Brenda by the New Year!

Sparkle and I went shopping this weekend and got her Christmas stuff and a Christmas present for Bitchard. She knows a lot of what she is getting but she doesn't know every single thing! My Christmas is all those books I got....and then the things I found yesterday. This might be my best Christmas ever! Here they are:

I can't get my mind off the stars ever since seeing the "Star of Bethlehem" show at the Planetarium the other night. Now I can study till I get it all out of my system! I still want to learn astrology too. Then I will cast free horoscopes for my readers upon request. And you just know a Planet Brenda horoscope won't be your average, everyday horoscope.

Here's my other Christmas surprise:

An Iron Maiden lunchbox! Complete with an Iron Maiden thermos! I couldn't believe it when I saw it there on the shelf. Here's what the other side looks like:

It's a wonderful feeling when you spot something and you just KNOW you're going to take it home.

While I'm on the subject and in the mood....here's my other lunch boxes:
WARNING: My usual lousy photography is to be expected....

My beloved DBZ lunch box, with thermos. My only complaint: Where's Gohan? Where's Krillin? To only name a few. I want the whole gang on there!

I showed this one in the blog awhile back. The H.I.M. lunch box, with thermos. Sparkle's complaint: she wants a picture of H.I.M. on there too!

The Beatles, no thermos. This is one of those where the figures are raised, so they kind of look weird when photographed.

Ol' Kurt, with a thermos. I had this one on the blog once before, too. I had an absolute freak-out when I found this, I had been joking around for years about wanting a Nirvana lunchbox. Dreams do come true!

Sailor Moon, no thermos. Moon Prism Power!!!!

No I'm not a Madonna fan but anything with Madonna on it is highly collectible and her stuff always goes up in value. ( Tip for Ryan, newbie record collector, if you find Madonna on vinyl, you should buy it. The same goes for Prince stuff. You can't lose.) You would think Madonna would have a thermos with her lunchbox, but nooooooo......

This one was too good to pass up. No thermos but way cool anyway.

Ozzy and family, thermos included. Can you imagine how much fun it would have been to take this for lunch in high school? I would have been the envy of all my friends.

That's it for my regular-sized lunchboxes. It took me about 10 years to collect these. Missing in action are my Grateful Dead lunchbox, which I packed away somewhere. Also my Powerpuff Girls lunchbox, which was stolen when the house was broken into. What follows are my mini lunchboxes. You can usually find these at KMart or Wal-Mart and they come with candy inside them, no thermos with mini lunchboxes :

The obligatory Coca-Cola lunchbox mini

John Deere and M&M's. Guess what kind of candy came in the M&M's mini? DUH!

Here is a totally awesome Spongebob mini, complete with Crabby Patty action going on.

This is my favorite mini-a Tenchi Muyo....from the anime of the same name.

My lunchbox wish list: Rurouni Kenshin, Fairly Oddparents, Fat Albert, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Guns 'n Roses, Johnny Depp (but would settle for a Pirates of the Caribbean or Edward Scissorhands), I Love Lucy. If they make it, I will eventually find it!

Here's your Christmas Cartoon of the Day!:

Special Shout-Out to Johnny The Viking King: Where you at? Your whole blog is gone. What up with that? Let me know whassupwidcha. If you get another blog give me the addy.