I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Sunday, December 12, 2004



I saw a picture of Dimebag Darrell's killer on the internet. Now you can't find it anywhere. Even VH1 took theirs down so apparently lawsuit threats are raging. But definitely, definitely keep an eye out for that picture. You won't believe it. Dimebag Darrell probably died of being uglied to death before the guy ever fired a shot.


I logged onto CNN.com this morning and here was the first thing I saw:
Hoooooooooly shit! Please click the link because you absolutely can't miss this one. Actually you're probably going to have to copy and paste because for some reason links won't link! But I had to just sit there a moment and take it all in and think a little bit. Final verdict:

Involvement in 21st century politics = Extremely bad for the complexion. The poor guy! People are just plain evil these days.


I had such a bad dream last night that I want to share it with you. I dreamed I was sitting in a comfy chair in some unknown non-Ghetto house when I heard a loud crash and watched as smoke, dirt and debris appeared over the tops of the trees in the distance. Apparently in this dream I was really stupid because it seemed like it took me awhile to realize "umm, this might be something you might actually want to go check on".....but whatever. I start hiking out to the site and came upon a few neighbors heading that way too. No one was really sure what had happened but someone finally points out a seat laying in the woods that looks suspiciously like an airplane seat. Uh oh. Finally we get to a spot that closely resembles this:

And we realize "Hey, that was an airplane crash!" We start hiking in to the site and examining debris along the way. I was checking out some charred carpet samples on the forest floor when I see a pair of hands. WOAH! And the hands were attached to a body which wasn't moving! I yell out to the other people and they coming running. Apparently none of us were sharp enough to realize there would be actual people involved in actual plane crash! Duh! But they confirm this badly-abused body is dead and I feel faint for a moment. I look up to try to regain my composure....and notice a body hanging from one of the tree branches. And another one a little ways further down. Reality comes crashing down on me and I scream to one of the other people to call 911 on their cell phone (I don't even have a cell phone in my dreams!).

But seriously, after that the dream got less stupid. There were bodies everywhere. We would just skip the dead people and try to help the living people. I bent down beside one guy and I couldn't even tell if he was black or just charred black. He was muttering and I started trying to get him to tell me his name. I knew he was going to die anyway and maybe he could tell me something to tell his family. But he was just too far gone and died muttering. And the dream kind of went on like that until the emergency personnel started arriving. I helped out carrying bodies to a central place until they realized I was a nobody without credentials and threw me off the site. So I started hiking through the woods back to the non-Ghetto house. I was so horrified and shocked and every step I took away from the noise and horror of the crash site....I felt better and better. I was almost home when I came upon one more body that had been thrown that far.....and it was like I just kind of snapped and the dream ended.

I didn't wake up screaming but I thought about it. It was so real in a lot of ways....when I woke up I felt tired like I had been working really hard and I woke up feeling way stressed.

But enough of the dream world horrors.....tonight I face another all-too-real horror.....The Family Christmas Party!

When I was young they would ask "When are you going to get a boyfriend?"
When I got a boyfriend they would ask "When are you going to get married?"
When I got married they would ask "When are ya'll going to have a baby?"
When I had a baby they would ask "When are ya'll going to have ANOTHER baby?"
Luckily, I didn't fall for that one. After I got divorced the cycle started all over again.
"Boyfriend?" "Married?" Well the pressure has been intense to get married for quite awhile now, but we broke up. So tonight its either going to be "Where's You-Know-Who, he's soooooo nice!" or "When are you going to get a NEW boyfriend?" For just once, I want someone in my family to come up to me and say "Gee, Brenda, you're at a totally good place in your life right now!" I won't hold my breath too hard.

Guess what, Family? My whole self-worth doesn't depend on whether I'm in a relationship or pro-creating! *gasp* I finally grew up at 39!