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Friday, December 17, 2004


Not too much blogging for me tonight....I'm tired and I don't have anything good archived I can post instead.

Went to see a show at the Planetarium tonight called "Star of Bethlehem"....what was the Star of Bethlehem? The show attempted to find some answers based on what we now know about stars, space etc. Was the Star of Bethlehem a nova, supernova, a comet or an unusual alignment of the planets in the Aries constellation? Basically the answer is....we don't know. But it was a lot of fun exploring the different theories. And then on the way home I saw a shooting star!

This is not the ACTUAL shooting star I saw, by the way. I looked up what the shooting star means as an omen and it can mean pretty much anything. Some people believe it stands for the birth of a child, some people believe it foretells death, especially of powerful men. It can mean good luck or bad luck. Apparently the people of days long gone made these omens be anything they wanted them to be instead of one set thing. Oh well, at least they were never wrong.

Here's is a picture especially for Johnny Jumbo the Viking King Blog Slayer who lives at
http://notashittybloglikeyours.blogspot.com/ I found this picture when I was looking for pictures to go with my nightmare the other day. How often do you see Viking cartoons? Not very often, so I just had to copy it:

Actually, do you suppose this is really a Viking cartoon? Just because they have those little horns on their helmets doesn't automatically make them a Viking, does it? Or does it?

And that's it for today. I'm going to catch a few ghost stories from one of my new books and go to bed. Here's the Christmas Cartoon of the Day:

Here's a special message for ACE: ummmm....do you blowdry your hair? We have a bet going on. Sparkle says no. Bitchard and me say yes. Please let us know as soon as possible as this is so totally important. Send smoke signals.