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Saturday, August 12, 2006


I would like to interrupt this weekend to pay tribute to Mike Douglas:

Mike Douglas was THE ultimate icon of Being-Out-Of-School-Sick-And-Its-Still-Too-Early-For-Sesame-Street-Television-Viewing. Remember kids, we only had 3 networks and Public Television back then. And we didn't watch NBC because it was UHF...whatever that means....but we had to readjust the TV antenna to pick the station up and my Dad said NBC was Too Much Goddam Trouble.

But I digress. CNN states that the Mike Douglas Show came on at night, but I distinctly remember it coming on every morning of my entire young childhood, because I was always waiting for Sesame Street. Maybe we were just getting reruns? But I liked Mike Douglas. He seemed so nice and he always sang a song and he seemed like the kind of guy you could go to for help if you got lost from your parents or something.

Mike Douglas would have a person on his show who would be the co-host for the entire week. And you felt like you got to know the person after watching them on Mike Douglas for five days straight. I distinctly remember two c0-hosts....John Lennon/Yoko Ono and.....Charro. But I'll spare you the Charro memories and just tell you about John Lennon, how about it?

My Google tells me that John and Yoko appeared in 1972, which means I was like 7 years old....so I must have been out of school sick or school vacation or something. On Monday morning, my mother wrinkled her nose up and said "Ewwww its that nasty old Beatle!" and to a 7 year old....John Lennon circa 1972 was pretty ugly. But I was like "why do you say that?" and my mother said it was because John Lennon said he was greater than Jesus. Wooooo. I told my sister about seeing him on Mike Douglas and my sister said "He's cool though. He's the guy that sings the Walrus song!" and I liked the song about the Walrus. I watched him the whole week and remember feeling a little sad when it was Friday because I thought he was funny and he wasn't going to be on there anymore.

So, yeah. RIP Mike Douglas, I am glad you were a part of my childhood memories.

You know whatever she was singing in this picture was a full-on ear assault.