I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Friday, August 04, 2006


Every once in awhile I have a blogging day that just makes it all worthwhile. Please see yesterday's blog entry and comments. I laughed all day. You guys are the best!

Today I was working at my desk and I noticed the office was deathly quiet. It makes me nervous when things are too quiet, so I cranked up the iPod. I got ready to start typing and I noticed that my hands seemed a bit dry so I grabbed my lotion. About the time I tipped the lotion, the sphincter on the bottle gave out and lotion went everywhere! All over the desk, all over my keyboard, all over my lap, even in my hair. I was like, OH FART DADGUMMIT MAN SHIT! I sat there a second, kind of helpless-like, when it suddenly occurred to me that I must look like an Extreme Porn Victim right at that moment. As soon as the thought hit me, laughter came bubbling up from the depths. But the office was stone silent so I was holding back as hard as I could, making little squeaking noises. I managed to control myself, get cleaned up and and no one knew a thing. My keyboard even got a lube job in the process. Laughter is good, even when you can't let it out.