I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Friday, August 11, 2006


Someone who was really on the ball in London was able to uncover and put a stop to a major terrorist attempt yesterday. I wonder what it was about a guy listening to his iPod and carrying around some Gatorade that triggered the Bullshit Radar Detection system at the airport? I bet anything it was a security guard just standing around thinking...."man, I sure am thirsty and I wish I could jam out on some tunes right now." Then he spots a guy with Gatorade and an iPod and he experienced intense jealousy. But life went on. Then he noticed another dude with Gatorade and an iPod. And the security guard is like "wow, Gatorade and an iPod must be the new black!" By the time he saw another one, he was convinced that Apple and Gatorade must be having some kind of convention nearby. He probably became aware that something was seriously amiss after his fourth Gatorade and iPod dude. I bet you anything that's how it went down.

In other, completely UNRELATED news, I'm sure....isn't it interesting how suddenly the shutting down of the biggest American gasoline pipeline has suddenly become a non-issue? Of course, we all know that George W. Bush would never stage an alleged act of terrorism as a ploy to drive gasoline prices down for awhile, right?
Just sayin'.