I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Before I get started, I will give a Thought To Ponder: Is it bad judgement to super-glue a snore strip to your nose? I'll let you know tomorrow...because I'll definitely have an answer by then.


1. I am prone to Fitz of Depression and I've been in a funk for about a week now. I felt much better today though. The Serotonin Factory must have finally settled their labor dispute. I haven't been interested in anything and I haven't been visiting blogs until tonight. I still love ya'll though.

Fitz of Depression
2. There's a raccoon hanging around my house at night and he's pissing me off. He comes every night and tries to break into my cat food box. I just ignored him because there's no way he's going to get the cat food, right? Well, he took off with my entire cat food box....weighing at least 5 pounds! I'm like...WTF?...and I search around the house until I find it abandoned in the woods. That little bitch got the top off the thing, too! That's at least 7 to 8 full turns of the lid that I have to use two hands to accomplish. So now I have to keep the cat food box in the house at night....which defeats the purpose of a cat food box entirely.
3. I registered for (night) college and I am anxiously awaiting to find out if I got accepted. I keep thinking they're going to find out about my second semester at Appalachian State at any minute and deny my application. Don't ask.
4. Things just haven't been the same since Work Fishie died. I ended up taking Fishikins to work with me but its just not the same. I've been playing him some music every day...and he doesn't HATE it, but he's not GETTING INTO IT either. He's too busy watching me to see if I am going to give him some food. I miss Work Fishie's laid-backness and love of the jams.
5. Is this Mel Gibson fiasco funny or what? It's Mel's turn to be Lewinski'ed until some hotter gossip comes along. Supposedly he's very against gay people as well as Jews, that's what my gay friends tell me. They're loving every minute of Mel's humiliation and I'm right there with them. There's enough stupid stuff in the world without unnecessary hatin' on people.
6. I have spent many hours of spare time in my life learning about the different religions, but my sister is like the QUEEN MASTER of all of it. She knows every thing about every major religion, even Scientology. She has promised me an email tomorrow detailing the entire Jewish Saga Written So Even I Can Understand. That should be one hell of an email!
7. I have several new blogs that I have neglected to link. I am going to made amends this weekend. People like Rennratt, Joy Division, Prunella Jones, BritBoy and Trinamick deserve links!!!! I have some dead links on my blogroll too....and some people that I don't think they like me anymore....but I'll never, ever unlink them.

Okay, that's it for now. Don't want to drain my brain entirely....I still have to blog Thursday and Friday, ya know!