I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Friday, August 18, 2006


The Jeff Tweedy show was great, just like everyone said it would be. It was awesome to hear those songs stripped down to just him and the guitar on a nice summer night in an intimate setting. Sparkle and Ace went with me and they were freaking out. Not on Jeff Tweedy though.

They were fascinated with all the hippies.

I went to see Wilco last year at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium and there weren't a bunch of hippies there....a few Alt Country nerds maybe but no hippies. But put Jeff Tweedy at an art museum amphitheater and the hippies will come out of their communes in droves. Woah! No one was in tye-dye....but there were plenty of flowing skirts, mandals (man sandals), long hair and just a general aura of "peace, man" about the place. The museum serves wine, too, so there were some really drunk hippies there. The people next to us were having a picnic and the main course was hummus. Sparkle and Ace were about to bust a gut laughing, especially when Ace decides to give a loud speech about how he had an uncontrollable urge to cut a tree down and how one day HIS kids will wear non-biodegradable diapers. These damn kids, can't take 'em anywhere.

But the most amazing moment was when the show started. I'm all into it and starting to get that music buzz on....and right across the way from us...I swear upon all that is true....a lady starts going through the trash to get all the cans and bottles out for recycling. WTF!!!! And I was getting REALLY pissy because all I can hear is.....

Jeff: "I am an
Woman: *clank!*
Jeff: American
Woman: *crash!*
Jeff: aquarium drinker.."
Woman: *rattle!* *slam!*

It was like she decided "Hey! The show's started, time to slam cans!" I was about to have a fit and she did it like 3 times during the show. I wanted to raise some hell about it so bad but my inner polite southern belle remained firmly in control. I mean, I'm all for recycling....but why not at least wait till the end of the show? And all those hippies were just peaceful as could be, no one said a word to her. It would not have been very John Lennonesque to have gotten pissy with her, I guess. "All we are saying....is give Dumpster Diving a chance!"

So. That was that, the show was great, and Sparkle and Ace got a taste of a whole other culture. And that whole other culture got a big dose of them. And we're all going to go back soon for an actual day in the museum. All is peaceful, man.

I'll see you on your blog this weekend!