I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Friday, April 07, 2006


I was going to refrain from commenting on the Duke Lacrosse team’s alleged gang rape and beating of a stripper who attends NCCU. However, now I have no choice as its all anyone talks about.

This fiasco has thrown this town into a full-blown crisis. A little background: the Duke lacrosse team had a party on March 13 and hired a student from NCCU as a stripper. And allegedly (I ain't getting sued, Bubba) they beat her up, robbed her, and gang-raped her.

Well, I think everyone figured this one would get swept under the rug…..just like every other infraction of the law that involves Duke students. Yeah there….I said it….because it’s the damn truth. Every year their behavior gets worse and worse. I’m not talking about just loud parties and alcohol…..we all did that. I’m talking about parties where the kids sling their beer bottles and break them in the streets. When their elderly neighbors would ask them to stop, they abused the elderly people verbally, trashed their yards and even threw a beer bottle at one. Just sickening behavior. If one of my crowd had done that back when we partied 24-7…..all of us would have ganged up and kicked their ass.

And now this. Did it happen? I have no idea but I know it wouldn’t surprise me if it did. The stripper girl is black, which adds a whole other dimension to this case. People are mad because…..as they have pointed out…..if this had been a white woman and the perpetrators were black….charges would have been brought already. And you know what? They are completely right. The Durham Police Department knows that Duke University butters a lot of bread in this town and they have looked the other way many MANY times. The NCCU president is having to calm the student body over there as tempers have flared high and threats have been issued. We're liable to have full blown collegiate massacre at the rate the situation is deteriorating.

Its just a big freaking mess and yet another blight on Durham’s already-tarnished reputation. I wanna move!