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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Okay, yesterday we learned all about how my Dad felt about Joan Baez....which led some of the commenters to pose the interesting question of how he felt about Jane Fonda.

Oh boy.

If Joan provoked hatred in my Dad, then the very concept of Jane Fonda could provoke murderous intent. My wicked old Stepmother (a.k.a WOSM) discouraged any kind of Vietnam War talk because he felt so strongly about this stuff that it could truly send him into a full-blown conniption after he'd talked about it for awhile.

We DID watch "On Golden Pond" together once on TV and when Jane was onscreen he turned to me and hissed "what you're seeing right now is a g.d. traitor to her country!" (Did I mention my Dad cussed a lot?)

I didn't understand it; I just knew there were certain women he loathed. I also knew that anything that could provoke the "g.d." word out of him was a conniption-trigger, so I just nodded and avoided the whole subject. All I cared about was keeping the peace. But when I finally took the time to educate myself on the subject.....then I understood.

Now I wasn't of a comprehending age when all the Jane Fonda problems went down.....so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. But wasn't having Jane Fonda go to check on prisoners of war kind of like us sending Paris Hilton to check to how things are going over in Iraq? (Paris to Iraqi Terrorist: "Take off your veil! Oh you're HOT!") Jane never struck me as being anything but a body-image obsessed Hollywood brat. She stepped into the political arena because all the groovy people were doing it.....and with her family connections she could be the grooviest of them all. I don't think she had any idea what she was doing whatsoever and it blew up in her face in a big way.

Well, whatever the real deal was.....I sure wouldn't want to be her, then or now. There are people out there that would do a whole lot more than spit in her face, like that guy from awhile back did.