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Thursday, April 06, 2006


At my new Conglomo site, there's a lady working there who's.....well, as she said herself, she's the oldest person working at Conglomo. I doubt that's true but she did announce today that she has worked at Conglomo for FORTY-SEVEN YEARS. Woah!!!

I don't know the lady, I just met her on Monday....but I congratulated her on her FORTY-SEVEN YEARS and I politely asked her "So what's your best memory of working here?" And she said, all sweet and innocent "Well I have a lot of happy memories. I was at my happiest when I could take my bra off and my boobs didn't flop down to my waist!"

As you can imagine, I nearly busted a gut. I can tell me and her will get along just fine.

And for no reason other than I love to share.....here's a great picture of a squirrel taking a poop.