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Monday, March 27, 2006


I finally, finally got my entire CD collection loaded onto iTunes, which means it is now safely residing in my iPod. That took longer than I ever dreamed it would.....but its so worth it!!! Now I can move to my new job with my entire music collection there for the listening. Here's my final stats:

6298 songs are on my iPod
That's 17.1 straight days of music!
I have used 22.43 GB of space out of 60 GB. Plenty, plenty of space left.

Now, someone mentioned in my comments awhile back that they didn't get an iPod because people have had trouble with them breaking. Lemme tell you something, if my iPod breaks, Al Gore better have some iPod mechanics ready for doing repairs.....because somebody somewhere is going to be doing some serious repairing!!!!!

I start my new job April 3rd, so this is my last week of my current job. And its going to be a busy week, too. On Monday, Sparkle has a dentist appointment, so I'll be leaving a little bit early. On Wednesday, I have my eye exam, so I'm leaving at noon.....might as well, since I have to have my eyes dilated. Then Friday I'm leaving at noon....just because.

Hey and that reminds me.....I'm devastated because when I called to schedule my eye exam....I found out my super-hot eye doctor isn't working at the place anymore. I tried to locate him in the telephone book and I did find a number in Chapel Hill....but I was scared to call because he was so hot he might have advanced beyond routine eye exams for us doctor groupies in the lower astral plane. I'll find out the scoop when I go for my eye exam....I'll pry the whole story out of somebody. I have no problem with the concept of driving to Chapel Hill for an eye exam.........I'd drive quite a few miles to get eye-to-eye with that particular doctor.