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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Okay, I'm just a little bit upset. You know how I told you that I've been obsessively watching the owls at http://www.birds.cornell.edu/birdhouse/nestboxcam/barn_owl_tx/ ?
Well, on April 17th one of the eggs hatched....and the cutest little owlet you ever saw was rolling around in the nest. I couldn't wait to get home today and check him out again. I get home and log on......just in time to see the mother owl finish eating her chick!!! WTF?

Apparently Italy, Texas, where the bird box is located, is in a major heatwave....as I am typing this, the thermometer reading there is 96 degrees. I guess the heat killed the chick? Anyway, everyone is hoping that the staff of the website will check in and let us know why the mother owl ATE her chick? That's one the bird books don't bother to mention. I didn't expect the owl cam to get so brutal, you know?

But anyway, things are going well at the eagle cam:
I'm trying to find a good sea bird cam....if anyone comes up with a good one, let me know.

Have a good day and try not to eat your young!