I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Wow. I put my email address into Google and got confronted with comments from my past. Some of them I remember saying...a lot of them I don't. What the hell was I thinking? Here's some of them:

"Has anyone noticed a recent boom in eating the things that eat us?"

"I love Pete Doherty when he's traveling on his very own personal highway to hell!"

"They managed to Photshop her some boobs, I see."

"The supermodel was probably late meeting her coke dealer."

"Bless his little doggie heart."

"I'm just now waking up out of my coma."

"I haven't done the test yet, but I'm thinking my aura will be metal.....heavy metal."

"Hey...could you pass those re-roofing coupons my way?"

"Politics suck. I'd rather make fun of people."

"Awwww...I just read about your break-up. He was hot but not hot enough to EARN A DEGREE for."

"I loved March of the Penquins. But they really need to think about hanging out somewhere warmer."

"We're all going to die. Dubya is going to make sure of it. Begin drinking heavily."

"Happy = Spaghettios"

"I always thought Nicholas Cage would be the perfect actor to play in a movie about the life of Ben Stein."

"I want a bomb if everyone else is getting one. I can't be left out."

"I suck at haggling. Usually the seller can talk me into paying MORE for something, that's how bad I suck at it."

"It sounds like you had an oyster in your yogurt."

"If you happen to see Johnny Depp by any chance, will you stick your tongue down his throat for me? Thanks!"

Obviously....I cannot continue to trawl the internets in this manner....just saying whatever comes to mind. People are going to think I'm crazy or something!