I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Friday, August 05, 2005


Trainwreck of the day:
What's worse than sending a slightly off-color private email to the wrong person when you're at the office?

Answer: Mistakenly sending the slightly off-color private email to your entire company.

I ain't saying who, but it wasn't me. I did laugh till I turned green though, which really wasn't very nice of me. But there's a rumor going around that
Stew is hiring, so maybe things won't end as badly as I think they'll probably end.

Trainwreck #2:

Pete Doherty, pictured on the left, with the Libertines.

Yeah, I know you probably don't know who the Libertines are....and that's okay. That's why you read my blog. I keep up with this stupid shit so you don't have to....and then I pass it on only once you NEED to know. Pete Doherty was the co-leader of the Libertines, a English band who I happen to like, even though they kind of suck and they're sloppy as hell. But that's why I like them. But ANYWAY....the Libertines are broken up now and its all because of Pete.

Pete Doherty is the ultimate trainwreck. He's a hopeless drug addict with violent tendencies. He's a former male prostitute. He even pulled time in jail because he stole money and stuff from his one of his bandmates so he could get drugs. So naturally, supermodel Kate Moss was dead on it as soon as she met that bitch. Go figure. They've carried on this wild love affair and every second of it has been covered by the English press. Kate totally kicked Pete's ass on one of London's tubes once. Then there's the heartwarming story of the both of them lovingly (and openly!) sharing a crackpipe at the Glasgow Festival. The Libertines broke up and Pete formed a band called Babyshambles (that name SUCKS! And yet, it seems so fitting). Kate Moss decides she wants to sing with Pete and tries to break Babyshambles up, but I think someone must have kicked her ass or something, because now her and Pete have broken up for like the fifteenth time since the beginning of the year. And the saga just keeps going on and on....I've decided its time for you people to learn who Pete Doherty is....I got a funny feeling its only a matter of time before something REALLY spectacular happens and then you can say you already know all about Pete.

Hey Pete, maybe that other English trainwreck, Charlotte Church, is available?

Trainwreck #3:

Here's one of my favorite whipping boys from P.B. (Pre-Blog), Scott Stapp a.k.a Scott Strap-on. Here's a link to an extremely funny story concerning Mr. Strap-on. I don't know if its really true or not....but I have a feeling it must be because NO ONE would spend this much time typing up Scott Strap-on gossip if it wasn't true. What a douche. Happy reading!