I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Wednesday, July 27, 2005


The big question on everyone's mind......

The answer: Yes, if you live in North Carolina. If you are wicked, you are going to burn forever. Even if you're not wicked, you're STILL going to burn. Its like 104 degrees in the shade. I've been doing the Homer thing (without the beer).

The power went out around 5:00 p.m. and I was like, holy shit, a blackout! I was preparing to go out and do a bit of looting, which is the custom in the U.S., but thank God, the power was back on in minutes. As the mechanisms of my house roared back to life, I found myself inspired:

That'll probably come out looking terrible on the blog. Oh well. My dad used to call the air conditioning "Angel's Breath".....as in "Go turn on that Angel's Breath, its hot as hell in this house!!!!" So I can't claim the angel is an original idea. Here's some random doodles from work, with some numbers whited out to protect the innocent:

Doodling is a sickness with me, especially at work. I can't think if I can't doodle.

Last night Sparkle, Bitchard and I went to see....guess who? (Hint: the only person I'll pay theater prices to see):

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! OMG, you GOTTA go see it! Johnny Depp is, of course, the perfect Willy Wonka. The crazed look in his eye, the fake teeth, that damned hair, that very uncomfortable sound the gloves make when he rubs his fingers together....that smirk of satisfaction as each kid gets what's coming to them......simply wonderful. There's plenty of evil this character......IMPLIED evil......so you can still take the little ones to see this movie without fear. They'll be so focused on the astounding sets and fun special effects that they'll totally miss the scarier aspects of Willy Wonka....and you the adult shall savor them.

Of special interest to the hard rock music fans....please note the child I have boxed, who appears in the movie:

Do you think he could possibly be a certain someone's love child?:

Oh yeah, and one last thing. OOMPA LOOMPAS are da bomb! Don't miss this movie. 'kay?