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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Well, it was officially the Hottest Day I've Ever Known. The bank sign said 112 degrees at 3:00 p.m. Everyone says "Oh that's just the heat index".....ummm...no, it isn't. The bank sign doesn't measure heat indexes. If you didn't have a problem believing the bank sign when it said 82 degrees, why are you going to doubt it now?

I had a friend whose uncle once worked for the National Weather Service doing something or other....and he said that whenever there are temperature extremes, high or low, that the NWS shaves a little bit from that to prevent "panics". This is why your local bank sign says 112 degrees when the friendly neighborhood weatherman insists that it all topped out at 104 degrees. And if the NWS says its going to be 15 degrees, you better count on it being at least 10 or lower. Because my friend's uncle said so!!!!

I came home from work and dunked both kitties in water. Boy were they mad! I don't care though, it made me feel better. And hopefully they felt better afterwards, too.

The heat wave is supposed to break tonight supposedly. We are supposed to get strong storms....but I keep checking the map and...of course....it looks like the storm line is breaking up the closer it gets

And check this out....here's a shot of my backyard....on the edge of Ye Olde Enchanted Foreste....and this pic nicely illustrates how my grass is dying. I'm estatic. I go out the back door occasionally, shake my fist at the yard, and yell "Die, dammit! Die!" The possible thought of no more mowing for the rest of the mowing season has me stoked. Maybe I'll just go ahead and get the yard paved, if it doesn't spontaneously combust first.

And its not like I didn't learn something today: did you know that when you are discussing a multiple index situation, the correct word is "indices"? I did not know this. Upon further investigation I discovered that "indexes" is also considered correct, but other people will think you're oh-so-smart if you use "indices" instead.