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Friday, December 03, 2004
Tupac and....Pocahontas?


Sometimes when I'm alone I'm prone to fantasy and delusion.

Did you know I'm the only woman on the planet that doesn't like to shop? I think its a genetic thing...I'm lacking some kind of vital DNA that drives women to shop, shop, shop some more and enjoy it. I can usually last about 45 minutes to an hour and a half in the mall and then either my body or my mind starts to betray me. I get all faint feeling and uncomfortable. If I try to tough it out, I WILL faint. I haven't decided if its some form of panic attack, a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome side effect or if its some kind of built-in defense to spending too much money. My shopping trips must be carefully planned. I have to know pretty much what I'm going to get and where I'm going to get it. Browsing for gift ideas has to be timed and most people get gift certificates if they get anything at all. All of my women friends laugh and call me names and I never get to join in their shopping games. Which suits me just fine.

Guess who was featured in my new TIME magazine, which I finally got around to reading....

Arguably THE most talented man who's no longer on this planet....Jeff Buckley. The author of the article, Josh Tyrangiel, is only slightly less gushing than I am. The main thrust of the article is how the Buckley estate is thriving 10 years after his death due to releasing the stuff from the vaults and selling some songs to TV shows to use. I hate it when songs get sold to TV shows but I don't watch them anyway and if Jeff Buckley's mom can get rich by doing it, go for it. She deserves every penny for simply birthing this icon. She should have more babies. I don't care how old she is.

And speaking of getting filthy rich after you are dead....we can't forget this guy.....

I finally checked out the last ROLLING STONE magazine too, and guess who has ANOTHER new CD coming out? Tupac Shakur! Look, this is the 8th release from Tupac since he died! And according to the Shakur Estate lawyer, there's still plenty in the vaults. What did this dude do, live in the studio? I'm sorry but these folks are really stretching the limits of believability here. It's almost enough to start making you believe those "Tupac isn't dead" conspiracy theories. Either that or someone is doing a very good Tupac imitation, which is probably closer to the truth. I find it very hard to believe that Tupac had more recordings in the vault than some artists put out over a lifetime. Did Led Zeppelin even have 8 albums? I can see it coming, the year 2036....Tupac's 50th release "Are U Sick of Me Yet?"

This is way beyond interesting....

.....and very timely considering I watched a History Channel thing on Jamestown last weekend. You know Jamestown....Captain John Smith and that crowd. Pocahontas. There has been a gang of achaeologists digging the old Jamestown settlement site for about 10 years now and that was the focus of the History Channel show. I am assuming this is the same group that has found evidence of the first American surgery (though I seriously doubt it was the first surgery). Why do people always assume that all of our ancestors before us were stupid? Yeah, they might not have had access to labs, chemicals or medicines but those who came before us were far from stupid, in almost every single subject. A few antibiotics and our ancestors would have been unstoppable.

I am so happy to report that I still have a job. You see, I knew there was someone from work reading the blog and I thought it was Robot Boy. This realization made me to yank months of blogging off of Blogger and store it all elsewhere in a pathetic attempt of denial as to just how much shit I have really talked on this blog. There were moments of sheer panic when I would see RB looking at me and I thought I saw a sinister glint in his eyes. But it was all just a severe case of paranoia and come to find out its actually someone cool! I don't know whether I'm happier to find out I'm not getting fired or to find out someone cool is actually employed where I work. "Cool" and "work" are not often found in the same paragraph structure as one another, I don't care whose blog it is. Welcome HQ Guy!

And finally:

I can't take Blogger comments anymore! No one can comment on my blog without waiting 100 years, I can't comment on my own blog without waiting 100 years....but my friends who have HaloScan comments are a breeze. I am going to offer a sacrifice to the Gods of HTML and attempt to install Haloscan on this very blog.....this weekend. I need time to think! If I don't have HaloScan comments by Monday morning....you can...make fun of me. And I won't get mad. I never get mad anyway.