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Monday, December 06, 2004
Butch Walker


I lost another post. One of these days I'm either going to learn or quit blogging.

But....whatever. Here's the Butch Walker pictures, posted with a lot less enthusiasm than when I first started out.

Here's me getting ready to walk out the door. I've been told I always have a look on my face like I'm about 15 seconds away from bursting out laughing.

Here's the man I love to hate, Val Emmich. He was drunk or stoned or both last night. I was totally quiet, respectful and non-clapping during his set, I didn't want to disturb the Great One. I did cackle like a witch after one of his songs but he was so messed up he didn't hear it.

Next up was American Hi-Fi. This guy fronts the band but he also plays drums for Butch Walker. He threw a drumstick to Sparkle and she was able to catch up to him later and he autographed it for her. He seems to be a really cool person.

Here's Sparkle being Sparkley.

Here's four beautiful kids in the prime of life. Layla, Bitchard, Sparkle and Ace. Layla is a new friend for us and she seems like a cool gal. She is very easy to talk to, which always rates high points in my book. P.S. - the guys were wearing more eyeliner than we were! HA!

Finally it was time for Butch Walker. I don't think Butch was feeling any pain last night but he still gave his usual 110% performance. He certainly looked happy to be there.

He's a great singer. His work is more focused on vocal performance and lyrics than complicated music structure. In other words, good old straight-forward rock and roll.

We really ought to get a copyright on this picture. He has the funniest facial expressions.

No, he didn't spend the entire night on the floor.

Then again, maybe he did.......he is totally into his craft by this point.

"Thank you and good night!"