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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Old People Don't Jam


Okay, I am back to normal. A little rest, a little meditating, its all good. I still don't regret cussing that person out yesterday though, I don't even regret it a little bit. In fact, I thought about calling the person up again today and just reminding them that they STILL fucking sucked and hanging up....but I figured that might be overkill. I am forming a new school of thought that an inner core of nastiness is actually good for the development of the soul and that we should embrace this inner core and allow it to come forth occasionally and show its face.

Yeah, she looks all peaceful....but just let a turtle come up behind her and snap her on the butt and you'll see a whole new person take over.

Today Jeff Kay over at the West Virginia Surf Report http://www.thewvsr.com/ was talking about how the new U2 cd really sucks. Well, I'd believe that, though I haven't heard it except for that one song that they're using to sell Ipods. But anyway, I decided I was going to make a list of important artists (music, rock and roll category) that have put out important work after the age of 50. And the first person I thought of was....um....um.....well...that one guy put some stuff out but it hardly qualifies as important. I can't think of anybody! The Rolling Stones...ha ha ha. I can't even tell you the names of any of their albums after 1984. I guess Neil Young would come closest to still being considered a viable artist....but even he gets on my nerves sometimes. Hey wait a minute...that Brian Wilson dude just put something out and everyone says that is good....I haven't heard it. But the only reason that's probably good is because he hasn't put anything out since like 1970 so I guess it was like artistic constipation...it was just building up inside him. He's a strange cat anyway. But come on, I just know there's some old people out there who can still compose some righteous jams and not just rehash the old days. I just don't know who they are.

Speaking of old, Motley Crue just announced they are getting back together and doing a tour. Oh boy. This is just an atomic bomb waiting to explode. Mick Mars is going to stand around looking like a catfish, Vince Neil is going to try to stand around....tough to do when you're drunk and all, and its only going to be a matter of time before Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee kick someone's butt in a cocaine-fueled rage. That's what happened with Nikki Sixx's band Brides of Destruction just a little while back. Nikki jumped into the audience and beat some kid with his bass or something like that. Lovely.

I can't find any pictures of Mick Mars looking like a catfish. Trust me though, he looks like a catfish now. Oh wait, here's one of him:

Nobody has said one word about Pearl Harbor today. I can remember it being a big deal when I was little kid. Most of those guys are 80+ years old now. Don't worry guys, not everyone has forgotten. Today is and shall always be a DATE THAT LIVES IN INFAMY!

And speaking of infamy, someone on the Sweetie Pie message board brought up the subject of aluminum trees......and I'm having a nostalgia attack.

Now THAT'S what I call Christmas decorating!

I passed by a place selling live Christmas trees today and they had one of those big inflatable snowmen out front, kind of like this one:

But it was kind of windy and I don't think the little inflate device was hooked up correctly. The poor snowman had fallen to the ground and was writhing and panting, in the deep throes of a snowman seizure. Just when you thought he might recover he would blow up, fall over on his face and squirm and pant some more. It was a horrible sight and I wish with all my heart I had brought my camera with me. Although still shots wouldn't have really told the whole story.