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Saturday, December 04, 2004


So what are you doing? I'm just sitting here. There's a million things I could be doing but I'm just sitting here right now. Let me go ahead and warn you right now, I am in a deep, self-reproaching mood.

I must confess, I have been a bad girl lately. I've been making fun of somebody and their blog. Here's the whole sordid tale:

UPDATE: The entire following paragraph has now been invalidated due to the fact that she pulled her blog. I never should have linked.
A Certain Someone Who Shall Remain Nameless first linked to it and that's how I found it.
Its this lady and I'm told she's like 35 years old and a stripper. Its also my understanding that she's one of those bandless bass player types. And as she makes it very clear, over and over and over again....she is living her dream. Yeah, that's cool. But this blog...there's just something about it.....is it just me or is this one of the most self-absorbed people you've ever read about? Let me know what you think:
I'm honestly not trying to be mean. I think its fascinating. I wish I had that much self-esteem....and I am being truthful when I say that.
And its shallow to make fun of her....all blogs are self-absorbed, including mine, but...damn! You remember that dude Dawson from Dawson's creek? This blog is what I would imagine reading Dawson's blog would be like.

And speaking of self-absorption, this is so funny...

Here's the caption that went with it:
"Luckily, a quick-thinking salesgirl narrowly stopped Hilton from stepping between two opposing mirrors, which would have allowed the heiress to gaze upon infinite images of her admiring her own image on the shopping bag, instantly causing the universe to implode."

Enough! On to other subjects:

http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/science/12/03/mexico.pyramids.reut/index.html - now here is archaeological news at its very best....sacrifices! decapitations! tombs! mysteriously disappearing ancient cities! and of course, Wal-Mart! I can only pray that someone will write a book.

Tomorrow night (Saturday night) I am taking a bushel of kids to see Butch Walker so its gonna be a blast. I'm taking the camera. Here's my favorite Butch Walker lyrics:

I never knew the difference between bullshit and sincere
As long as it sounded good while coming out
And I can't blame it on my father
He gave me my 1st beer
And he held my head back as I puked it out
What was I saying, there I go playing