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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Burning Question Number One of The Day: Can anyone out there explain to me why the blogs I added on my Blogroll account in 2004 open to a new page, while the ones I added in 2005 do not? I guess I could actually go out there to Blogrolling.com and assess the situation, but its way more fun to wait and see what you people are going to tell me. Keep it simple, please.

Burning Question Number Two of The Day: Why is that the minute I complained about all the hits I was getting for Slipknot pictures....and then I actually POSTED a picture of Slipknot so I could fulfill the masses..... and I've not had one single hit for a Slipknot picture since? Does Google have some kind of "Complaining Bitch" sensor? If they pick up complaints in your blog they just "x" you right on out of existence?

Do you remember when I wrote the heavy metal song about Crazy Woman a few weeks ago? Well, I received several emails telling me that Crazy Woman had a semi-meltdown today. She was talking with another girl, (an admittedly frustratingly dumb girl, but whatever) and started semi-yelling at her. She was getting totally pumped up. I guess someone stepped in before the situation deteriorated too much. For months I've been telling everyone "Bitch is crazy" at every single turn. I've warned them just like a good friend should....."Bitch is CRAZY".....over and over and over..... I even wrote a song about it, by God.......now they are finally starting to believe me. Its that look in her eye while she's munching on her onion rings....I knew from the moment I laid eyes on Crazy Woman that she was crazy.

One of her friends told me that Crazy Woman's mama, the Original Crazy Woman, had to be dragged off to Butner, kicking and fighting the whole way, where she eventually died of craziness. And now Crazy Jr. is about to snap like a bean under pressure. I know she's going to snap the same way I know Pete Doherty is never going to stop smoking crack....some things you just KNOW. This is definitely a case for Tom Cruise.

It seems so weird not to post a Halloween pic!!! But, in keeping with the holiday spirit....here is a Thanksgiving treat for you all. If you are at work, you'll need your headphones!

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