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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I have a heroic ex-father-in-law who has swooped down from the skies to rescue Sparkle and I many, many times. Once Sparkle and I got locked out of the car and not only was he there for us, but he also brought along his highly-illegal-to-possess-in-this-state jimmying tool and got the door open so we didn't have to pay someone to do it. Readers who've been around awhile might remember how he flew over to the house last winter when one of my pipes burst and water was spewing everywhere. Not only was he able to patch the problem temporarily, but he PAID for a plumber to come and make it all right again. And I could name countless other examples for you. He's unbelievable.


Well, my poor Father-In-Law was in a terrible accident yesterday. He was up on a ladder trying to retrieve a branch which had blown onto his shed....and somehow the ladder became dislodged and he fell.

He fell 22 feet. Go take a look at the top of your nearest utility pole....that's how far he fell. A neighbor saw it happen and called an ambulance. He was taken to Duke University, one of the top hospitals in the nation. If you have a problem and Duke can't fix it, you better just go ahead and accept that you're probably going to die. My Father-In-Law was poked, prodded and examined by a huge array of doctors, nurses, technicians, interns, medical students, and their various hangers-on.

And the incredible thing is.....HE'S OKAY! It defies most accepted logic, especially considering that he's 67 years old. He's banged up, he's bruised all over and he's on serious painkillers, but he's okay!

And yet, it all makes perfect sense. Nothing can touch him. He's stronger than a locomotive. He's death-defying. He's FATHER-IN-LAW MAN!!!!! *echo*

The Halloween Pic of The Day: Rob Zombie and some of his closest pals.