I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Tuesday, November 01, 2005


So what was my favorite treat of Halloween? Checking my mailbox Monday morning (for all the mail I haven't checked in quite a few days) and finding my very own copy of the Black Taj CD in the box!! Yeah! So I had new tunes....great any day, but especially overwhelming good on Halloween AND on a Monday.

It is great. You already knew I was going to say that. Well, it is. So there. You need to get your own copy.

After that, I listened to my
elijahfell CD in honor of Ryan's birthday. And you already know what I think of that CD too. However, I am today going to announce my favorite song on the CD....it is......Tightrope. Yep. That's the one that keeps getting stuck in my head hours after listening to it. Once again, get your own copy.

After I finished those two CDs, I noticed Work Fishie was ready for his turn, so I gave him the headphones and blasted both CDs for him.....and Work Fishie gave his seal of approval....lots of bubbles were blown during the playing of both CDs.

In a nationwide survey, five out of five Fishies Who Jam agree: Both Black Taj and elijahfell rock the fishbowl!!!!

Did anyone remember YOU on Halloween? Well, if we are friends then you were remembered. See the purple candle next to the green one? That one was burned in honor of my online friends. Your name was called aloud prior to lighting....I had a list of names. All those other candles stand for something in my life, too. Its just not Halloween without the candles of love and good fortune. However, I am very sorry to report that my world peace candle would not stay lit. This is a bad omen indeed. But please notice that my online friends candle is burning the brightest. Nothing but good things are coming your way.

Okay, love ya, gotta go, buh-bye!