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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I had this guy to ask me out last week. However, during the "getting to know you" phase before he asked me out....he let a few little obviouses drop. A couple of examples..."so, you make pretty good money?" and "do you have a house?" Not "so do you have lots of opportunities to advance in your job?" or "do you have a house or do you rent?" In other words, the same damned question but phrased in such a way to try to make the girl think you might really CARE about her situation, and not just giving the impression that you are trying to find out if this is a good way to improve YOUR situation. I guess you had to be there, but the Bullshit Radar Detector was sounding off clear and true.

It didn't help his case any that he is very young. R-i-i-i-g-h-t. (Although my friends say I'm selling myself short....I don't think so!) Actually it doesn't really matter how old he is. If I'd had anything in common with him, I probably would have said yes.

Bottom line, if someone asks you out, your heart should give a leap and your spirits should soar. You should actually feel a little giddy from being happy. And if being asked out is a total surprise, the first thing you should feel is at least INTRIGUE. If all you feel is dread, then something is not right and you shouldn't go out with them. Guys don't usually ask you out because they want to be "just friends", so unless they spell out that they want to be "just friends".....you shouldn't waste their time if you're not interested.

Which I wasn't. I said no and I was real nice about it.

Now when I see him....he will not even LOOK at me, much less SPEAK to me, which only reinforces to me that I made the right decision.

I'm holding out for a decent guy this time. I might be holding out forever but I'm holding out. No! More! Bad! Relationships!

HALLOWEEN STUFF: Here is a great site where you can carve your very own virtual pumpkin . This most excellent site comes courtesy of Hope, via email. Have fun!

And here is the Halloween Pic of the Day: A couple of Groovy Ghoulies living it up at a Halloween Love-In: Please note the ethereal ectoplasm emanating from his alcoholic beverage.