I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Saturday, October 22, 2005


We planned a getaway on a winter day a long time ago....just because we wanted to be together again.

Everyone else was headed out to work as usual...but not us. It was so strange to watch the morning commute and to feel so disconnected from the frenzy. We went out to a greasy spoon and lounged in a booth....eggs, coffee, conversation, a Timothy Leary tribute, a ton of laughs.

We ran away to the woods because we couldn't stand the real world any longer. We played on the swinging bridge over the river. There was no one there to hear my shrieks and your laughter boom out as the bridge started swinging out of control. We stared at the fish - and our own reflections - in the water below.

Finally we headed up the mountain. Funny how it was such a cinch to get up there on that particular day. The trail was beautiful....every stick, every rock. Every leaf seemed magnified and they crunched under our feet as we climbed....getting higher. Everything was brown and all of it was dead, the winter forest at rest.

But oh! Finally we made it to the top - the clearing just ahead.....and it was like stepping into Oz from Kansas. The sky was a brilliant, shrill blue. We were truly the kings of the world...the world bowed down below us in worship...offering up wheat-colored meadow grass and winter-green pasture to us as gifts. The river bottom twinkled in the sunshine like diamonds winking at me. The cold air burned my lungs and the colors painted my eyes estatic. I twirled round and round, arms outstretched, my head thrown back to embrace heaven above me. You were laughing at me when I kept singing a Dinosaur Jr. song, but you sang right along with your deep voice. You were radiant; your whole self encased in the glare of the sun, golden.

I got so dizzy I lost my footing and fell in the grass and sand. It was as soft as falling into a pool and I actually slid uncontrollably a good distance down the hill...laughing and laughing. And before I could get my bearings about me, you were right there reaching out for me....our eyes met and our fingers touched.....our arms threaded each around the other hungrily, and when I buried my face in your flannel shirt and breathed in the richness that was you, I wished so hard for this to be my home always.

Since we were children, I have always loved you. This I cannot change.

There will always be something there
As long as one of us goes on living.

The Halloween Pic of The Day: An exceptionally scary witch.