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Monday, November 07, 2005


I notice Blogger is going to be down Monday night for awhile....which means its probably going to be down for a long time. I guess its a necessary evil....lots of weird things have been happening lately when I try to publish. It routinely takes 2 or 3 tries before the publishing actually happens. Poor Judy can't even get her Blogger comments on all of her posts! So I may or may not have a Tuesday post.

I did some cleaning today and decided to use a product called Greased Lightning. This stuff is deadly. Apparently I didn't dilute it with enough water and when I cleaned the stove with it, it took off all the writing on the knobs! All that's left is the grooves where the words "Bake" "Broil" and "Preheat" used to be. I had to use a Sharpie to replace the words....now my stove is officially Ghetto! The good thing about all this is that if the writing didn't survive....there's no way any germs survived!

My latest pet peeve: bands where all the members wear suits. If they're not wearing suits then they are wearing nice shirts and ties. It doesn't bug me that they are wearing suits so much...what bugs me is that they are ALL doing it! Troy Van Leeuwen called, he totally wants his look back!

And they all have the same vocal style....nice harmonies and then they break into the snarling cookie monster vocals. Once again, they're ALL doing it and they all sound the same. Opeth did it first and they do it better, you guys!

I know all these bands have recording contracts and they are pretty much slaves to the record companies....especially in this day and age when it seems doubtful that record companies will even exist in the next 10 years. I guess if a record company is actually shelling out money on you, you'd better honor their opinions on sound and image. That's the only reason I can come up with for this lame Attack of The Clones phase music is going through. Hopefully the talented ones will have a chance to show their real selves one day. And the others will just go away.