I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Friday, November 04, 2005


Sorry if I haven't been to your blog to read -n- comment very much. Work has been seriously cutting into my leisure time lately. I'm still working the insane hours....but the good news is that the end of the year is coming! The other good news is that the Bigwigs in my little corner of the Conglomo universe seem like they are taking notice. I am hoping that something good is going to happen to me by the end of the year.

Another thing that I've really been trying to make time for on a daily basis is at least a chapter a night from Johnny Cash's last autobiography (he wrote two) called Cash. I loved Johnny Cash my whole life. I can remember watching his TV show when I was just a little kid; in fact I would go so far to say he's one of my earliest memories! Everything in the house ground to halt if Johnny Cash was getting ready to sing on TV. I was in total awe of him. He was always in black and always looking larger than life. And that BIG DEEP voice!!! But to be honest I really didn't know that much about the man's LIFE other than he married June Carter from the Carter family, that he was basically a wild man, and of course his awesome comeback in the 90's thanks to Rick Rubin. So I am getting a real kick out of reading his autobiography.

Snakie the Snake is in hibernation mode. He just came out to eat the other night for the first time in almost six weeks! I went out and bought him a big fat mouse and you should have seen how happy he was. The snake that is, not the mouse. The mouse wasn't happy at ALL. I've finally gotten over the whole "snake eats mouse" thing and accepted the facts of life for what they are. Still though, it would be nice if he would just be satisfied with some grass. Yard grass that is, not the ganja, mon.