I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Monday, October 03, 2005


The following is an extremely hilarious link that my friend Stephanie from the Bala Chada forum sent to me. Its really funny and for heaven's sake, please nobody bust a gut this time! Its all in good fun.

I hate Sunday nights. Every single Sunday night, I start feeling down. I know I'm just working too hard, but whatcha gonna do? I just always kind of thought there would be more to life than this; slaving away just to make ends meet. Usually once I get back to work on Monday I'm okay...but sometimes I wish there was a way to just shut my brain down and go on autopilot.

Confession time: I have been thinking about shutting this blog down again, maybe for good. Its not even really about anything, just a whole bunch of nothing. I still like doing it but it really is a wasteland; I don't feel like I'm contributing anything useful to the world. All it has become is a refuge for people seeking pictures of Slipknot for some godforsaken reason. Maybe I should just break down and give the people what they want?

Here they are....Slipknot and their best buddy, William Hung, who I think is joining the band. I hope you're happy now.

Actually that picture could be the Halloween Pic of the Day, couldn't it? Well, that would be cheating. Here's your Halloween Pic of the Day:

An ultra-cool Jack o'Lantern tree!