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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Hey! Look at this gay picture of Rush I happened to stumble across:

I loved this band in high school and I THOUGHT I knew everything about them....but the gay/glam period of their history seems to have escaped my attention. Or maybe this was just a special night for them.

And speaking of gay.......

A band that I loved then, I love now, and will always love no matter what anybody says, does, I DON'T CARE. You'll never convince me that they deserve anything but my undying love and adoration:

JUDAS PRIEST! Now and forever! WOOT!

Now here's a band that I really hated back in the day. Despised, in fact. They were such a machine, so corporate, so pushed down our throats on the radio 24/7 that I rebelled in a huge way. Now that plenty of time has passed and we're able to push the "on" button on our radios without hearing them constantly, I actually like them much better and can even appreciate that they had some [*gasp*] talent!

Journey. When Fluffy Music Attacks.

And finally, I band I hated then, I hate them now, I'm never going to love them or even like them or even pretend to like them:

They were called Asia. The record company turned them loose on us and told us they were awesome. But in truth they were so terrible that......well, let's just say I still have nightmares of being at parties and one of the "cool kids" putting this on to play.........*screams*

And the photograph itself speaks volumes. Does a band really need a two-story stage? Does anybody really need that many keyboards? Can't he find anything better to stack them on than a Maytag Freezer that probably has a body crammed in it? And what's up with the TV monitor? Did we really used to be impressed by this sort of thing? I'm happy to tell you....I sure wasn't! Plus the music was beyond terrible.