I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Monday, September 26, 2005


GREETINGS!!! Are you here visiting my blog because you are coming from Google Images and you are looking for pictures of SLIPKNOT? That's what I thought! I have no idea why I am getting dozens of hits daily for pictures of Slipknot. Sorry, but there are NO SLIPKNOT IMAGES on my blog. Everybody who's anybody knows that you should head over to Greg's blog for your Slipknot needs. He's the number one resource for all things Slipknot....coast to coast.

Another thing I've noticed lately is that whenever I visit other people's blogs, I have to type in Jewish words like "bfrmitzvsh" before I can post. The bloggers have done this because they were getting spammed and somehow, typing in Jewish words wards away the evil that is spam. Its probably stupid to say it out loud....but nobody's been spamming my blog, even once! I think the spammers realize they wouldn't be getting any quality business from the comments section of THIS particular blog.....and that's kind of satisfying. I love you guys. Even you lost Slipknot picture-seeking souls.

Maybe the spammers are just scared of me. I do have a weapon:

not my original idea. You can thank the Stone Temple Pilots for Evil Be Gone.

And finally, here's something that's about to worry me to death:

Hamsty Boy's wheel. As you can see, he's a monster (check out that butt!) and he needs a big wheel. As you can also see, there's a very small window of opportunity between the wall of the cage and that stupid ledge that he never pays attention to anyway. I always position the wheel perfectly, but its never too long and you start hearing: squeeeeek! THUMP! squeeeeeek! THUMP! You can see where the actual paint from the wheel has left its mark on the ledge. Its enough to drive an already insane woman crazy. Gotta get rid of that ledge somehow without leaving sharp ass wire behind that could hurt Hamsty Boy. All suggestions welcome.