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Friday, September 30, 2005


Do you guys remember me going off about a band called Black Taj awhile back? Of course you do. That band that features Mr. Brenda-sent-him-an-email-and-he-actually-answered-and-was-real-damn-nice-about-it Dave Brylawski? And also features Steve Popson who was also in Polvo back in the day with Mr. Brylawski?


Their new shit is almost ready to rise like muffins in the oven and I'm totally stoked. I've been waiting a long time! Check out the spiffy logo above....I like it. And here's an mp3 you can get right now.....head on over to Amish Records and listen to "Clover". Its straight up rock and roll....and I like that. Of course, I'm such a hopeless fan that they could probably release an album of farting noises and I'd be pre-ordering.

Here's Dave, Steve and Ash Bowie back when they were Polvo. I really miss this band.

Here's another link to Black Taj's song "Woke Up Tired" that I posted awhile back too: http://www.wxyc.org/bandwidth/downloads/bandwidth/Bandwidth-Celebrating_10-Years_of_Internet_Radio_on_WXYC-Chapel_Hill/10%20-%20Black%20Taj%20-%20Woke%20Up%20Tired.mp3

I notice on the Amish site it states that Ash Bowie did some of the sound work. I wish he would put some of his own music out! This guy keeps the ultimate low profile. WE MISS YOU MAN!

Possible Ash Bowie sighting at the rock he's rumored to be hiding under.