I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Friday, October 14, 2005


Its no great secret that I love Halloween and when it comes to buying the pumpkins and carving them, I'm like a big kid. On either Saturday or Sunday, I'm going to go get the pumpkins for this year. I can't wait. Here's last years' pumpkin....

Last years' pumpkin was a big ol' Hoss. I almost couldn't pick the thing up by myself until I gutted it and carved it up. Here's what it eventually became:

I've had a Tool pumpkin for two years running. Its almost like a tradition now. I think what I'm going to do this year instead of buying one big Hoss pumpkin is just get a fairly big one and two smaller ones. Like a little family. One definitely has to be a Tool pumpkin. The other two....well, I need to make some plans!! I wonder if there is any way I could carve Pete Doherty and Kate Moss smokin' crack pumpkins? Or how about George Bush taking a nip from the bottle while Dick Cheney looks on disapprovingly? Whatever they eventually become, the pumpkin family will definitely appear on the blog....unless I really screw up carving them.

Remember back when all the Halloween costumes came pre-packaged like the one above, complete with breath-stifling mask? I have slowly asphyxiated and turned blue behind quite a few of these store-bought costumes when I was little. I would have never been a clown though...I'm afraid of clowns.

I don't dress up anymore but oh! the stories I could tell. In college a friend and I painted up a couple of big square boxes and went as a washing machine and dryer. That was probably the most creative costume I ever did and we won a little contest that night. I wish I had pictures!! If you are stumped for an idea and you feel like winning a contest, I highly recommend this costume. Its great for laughs.

I learned my lesson about trick-or-treating alone one year when I went to a couple of houses in my grandmother's neighborhood while my parents visited. Some drunken man a few doors down tried to lure me into his house with the promise of more treats, but my Bullshit Detection Radar was screaming at me. This guy actually grabbed me by my elbow to stop me when I turned to leave his porch! I was too slick for him though, got away clean and ran like hell. I just go back to my grandmother's house and tell my cop dad all about it. He goes up there and gets in the guy's face, which was quite satisfying. I'm not sure if punches were thrown but my parents wouldn't tell me exactly what happened. Anything goes when the cop is off duty, ya know, at least back in the day. But whatever, I learned a big fat lesson that night, the parents did too. That's when we started realizing our town was becoming a city...not just one big extended family anymore. Time to start following city rules for living!

Okay, here's the Halloween Pic of The Day: a child picking out her pumpkin