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Monday, October 10, 2005


Once upon a time there was a band named Soundgarden. They were a very, very good band and it seemed like as time went on the better they got:

But one day in 1997, at the height of their fame, they broke up. They gave no real reason for the breakup and really haven't given good reasons since then other than the "pressures of fame" and such. Fans all over the world have never really recovered from that shock.

Talented singer Chris Cornell went on to join the incredibly mediocre Audioslave, drummer Matt Cameron joined the sometimes-sucky-sometimes-good Pearl Jam, bassist Ben Shepherd has thrown his lot in with numerous indie projects. But guitarist Kim Thayil........?????

He's a great big dude of Middle Eastern descent who has awesome guitar riffs and can drink a lot of beer. And he's disappeared. It kept bugging me that no projects involving him ever surfaced, but I always figured he was out there doing SOMETHING. Wrong. Its been confirmed for me that no one knows what Kim Thayil is doing these days. Not only that, but his own former bandmates have no contacting information for him. In other words, no one really knows where he is. I am stunned and saddened by this. What happened to this band? Why has the unbelievably talented Kim Thayil disappeared like this? DOES ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW? We miss you, dude!

In other news, there is no other news. Its been one of those days and its Sunday night again, which means my Sunday Night Depression is upon me. Its not as bad as last Sunday, thank God, but its there nonetheless. This is really becoming a problem. No more 60 Minutes for me on Sundays.

Here's your Halloween Pic of The Day: I call this a California Halloween. The house is all decked out for Halloweenie festivities, whilst the owner is busy hosing the place down to protect it from wildfires.