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Sunday, October 09, 2005


I have a few new blogs on the blogroll from the past few months:

Walking On Thin Ice - this is Stephanie's blog. She's an American living in the U.K. and she's a Pete Doherty fan! I met her at Pete's Bala Chada forum....which happens to be on the blink at the moment....kind of like Pete himself, as Steph has pointed out. But anyway, Steph has led a fabulously interesting life, just from the few stories she has told me....I can't wait for her to blog some of her life experiences. And she loves a good trainwreck as much as I do...Pete gives us plenty of fodder for gossip and blogging!

Next up is Wordnerd, the Goddess of Grammar, best known for her amusing comments and spelling expertise over in the comments section of Jeff Kay's World-Renowned West Virginia Surf Report. Wordnerd has decided to take up blogging herself and so far she's doing a great job. She's quite witty and there's not a single mis-spelled word anywhere! Go over and check her out.

Moving on, we have Michael K and his not-to-be-missed
D-Listed site. If you love Hollywood gossip and you love it raw and hilarious, D-Listed is the place to be. And he's exploding with popularity....so many people are there now. Just one word of caution though....if you are over there and run into any of my comments.....let's just say what happens on D-Listed STAYS on D-Listed, okay? LOL!

And now its time to tell you about
Eddie. He's a cool guy from Washington D.C. who may just be the busiest person I know. He works hard and he works out even harder. If you need motivation to exercise like I do, his blog is a great place to visit. He swims, he runs, he does it all. As I've told him before, I don't know how he crams it all into one day! But its not all just exercise, he has thoughtful and logical opinions that make you exercise your mind too.

On the other end of the spectrum is
Obesio. I'm not really sure how Obesio came into the picture, it just seems like one day he was there on the blogroll. Obesio is in his own little world and he's quite funny....and maybe just a little bit perverted! Okay, so he's a whole lot perverted! It's still funny.....just use caution if you are young and beautiful, LOL!

And last but never, ever least...is Phelony . This witty gal hangs out at D-Listed sometimes and comments here on my blog sometimes. She has great blog entries, pictures and delicious boyfriend dilemmas. There's also a notorious slumlord from her town that's in trouble with the cops (we've dubbed him "Sweet Tart") whom Phelony enjoys giving hell on a regular basis. I am eagerly awaiting Sweet Tart's trial and sentencing and I don't even know him! But isn't that one of the beauties of blogging? She makes me care about what she's writing about.

All right, quit hanging about, go visit these blogs! Oh wait, you want your Halloween Pic of Day, don't you? Well here it is...a bathroom ghost!

Hey, even ghosts have to be SOMEWHERE!