I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Monday, August 15, 2005


Things I love:

1. Turning on the air conditioning on a hot night, wrapping in a blanket and sleeping in a cold room.
2. Getting a new CD and its just as good as you hoped it would be.
3. Hearing the news that one of your favorite artists is hard at work preparing a new offering.
4. When every once in a blue moon, your child will let you get hugs and kisses like you did when she was just a little thing.
5. Watching the anticipation in my hamsters' eyes when its time to distribute the yummy treats. They are the cutest little beggars!
6. Late afternoon/early evening...spending HOURS on the beach looking for stuff.
7. Being with someone who doesn't mind me spending HOURS on the beach looking for stuff.
8. Ditto for the woods and the river.
9. Being out somewhere and not feeling uncomfortable, nervous, anxious, self-conscious, afraid, claustrophobic or any of that other stuff that happens to me a lot in crowds.
10. Having an idea hit you for an art project and it just feels right.
11. People who have stood by me in hard times, and I'm looking forward to standing by them in the future.
12. Hollywood gossip....its just plain fun as long as its just catty and not getting TOO mean. MEOW!
13. Remembering people's birthdays and sending cards - even though I do forget sometimes.
14. A running joke that only you and your joking pal understand, and get red-faced and gasping when laughing about it.
15. OVERTIME.....ain't no doubt about it, baby.
16. Getting the check with the OVERTIME on it.
17. Payday is just a whole happiness entity within itself.
18. Starting on a new book.
19. Finding out there's going to be a fantabulous new library built close to your house. No more journeys downtown!!!
20. Blogs. I love my own blog and I love your blog, too. If I know about your blog, that is. If I don't, then you NEED TO SPEAK UP and let a bitch know where your blog is.
21. So-called "family members" who think they are hurting you by not speaking to you.....but that's okay, you'll need me before I EVER need you. I'd advise you to never come a'calling at my door, though