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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I wanted to do an update on my fish.

Fishie has been getting music on the headphones for at least an hour (usually more) every working day. He really, really loves it. At first he would just swim in between the headphones and hang out there....I guess just getting into the vibes. But now that he's accustomed to it, he's changed his behavior a lot.

When male bettas are happy in their tanks and feel secure from enemies, they begin to blow a lot of bubbles. Then they gather their bubbles to one side of the tank and make them into a nest. Here is a bubble nest pictured below:

This is just a picture of one off the internet.....

Well, ever since Fishie has been getting a steady dose of music every day, he's gone crazy blowing bubbles. He blows most of them at night when I am away.....but once I start his music up the next morning, he gets busy tending to his nest. He drags all his bubbles over to one side of the tank and packs them tightly while listening to his music. And he enjoys working the whole time the music plays. Its really fascinating to watch.

So what kind of music does Fishie like? He likes his music with a steady beat and lots of guitar. He seems to enjoy piano too, but only if it is accompanied with a beat. He will listen to lots of violin and cello without a beat however....but he seems to prefer the Bach to the Beethoven. He enjoys both rock and punk the best. I bet he would like country music too....but I refuse to try him on it. I haven't tried him on any blues yet.

In fact, the only thing that Fishie has truly NOT LIKED was the "Pretty Hate Machine" CD by Nine Inch Nails. That CD is very industrial....the beats are very staccato at times and he just didn't like it at all. I knew he didn't because he turned completely black, no blue showed at all, his fins drooped, and he was trying to hide under his plants. But he is a big fan of the NEW Nine Inch Nails CD!

The music in general really seems to agree with him....he eats great and he's growing like a weed. So give your fish some music today!!!!