I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Friday, August 12, 2005


I kind of got over the novelty of having Site Meter quite a few months ago. I will check it sporadically, mostly to note that my readership numbers have fallen yet again. HA! Just kidding. Well, not really...

What I really look for when I check out my site meter now is what words people have typed into a search engine to find my site. Its really hilarious stuff! Here is a running list I've been keeping.......


Olay Coupons - well I might have some old ones tucked away somewhere.....
Arby's Oven Mitt Recall - something I actually DID blog about once.
Naked Ville Valo Pictures - now, I have blogged about ol' Ville many times....but never about him being naked! Hmmm....maybe I should start?
Hair Curlers Fetish - heh heh, too funny!
Brenda the Devil! - note the ! on the end. I'm going to write to Google and tell them I'm offended.
Boyfriend Period Tampon String Weblog - um, pardon?
ing Brenda - add your verb of choice
Negativity - an ongoing issue here at Planet Brenda
Purchase Freakies Cereal Magnets - I've had emails about this too. NO I'M NOT SELLING THEM!!!
Lesbian and one of the Desperate Housewives - I don't recall ever blogging on either subject
Bangalore Pimp Girls - Ditto!
Snuffalufagus Porn - LOL! I know where the Snuffalufagus part came from.....
Listenable Viva La Bam Theme Song - as opposed to the unlistenable version?
Tiny Little Fast Cars for Brenda - hey, as long as they run well.....I'm down with it!
Bobby Brady pics - Why, why, why?
Brides Gone Bad - I AM knowledgable on this particular subject.
My Mom Brenda - that's "mother" to you, Bucko
Brenda in flag signals? - send.....help....immediately
Brenda many fingers - Okay, now they're making fun of my body parts!
Blasphemous Hotel California - burn, baby, burn
She Male Planet - Is that why Eddie Murphy keeps hanging out on my blog?