I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Saturday, February 19, 2005


First of all, I want to thank everyone who took time to say nice things to strengthen my confidence, to make me feel better, to make me laugh and just generally be a friend. You are appreciated more than you know. Because of you and your encouragement, I've decided to put all this boo-hooing shit behind me and let my inner Hard-Ass take control. Becoming a Hard-Ass is going to require a lot of changes on my part but I'm ready for the challenge....I've already done some of the necessary shopping:

I'm well on my way to being a real She-Woman. I'll kick your ass for no reason. I don't have to worry about my annoyingly tender heart anymore because it already melted today anyway. It all started after work. I went to the pet store to stock up on cat food for the next three months. I also needed some fish food and some treats for Little Bud. I was maneuvering the cart around and spotted this:

Yay! Exactly what I've been saying I need! I thumbed through it for a little bit and then I decided to go take a look at the pet store hamsters. There were so many of them and they were so cute! One of them in particular kept wiggling his little hamster whiskers at me. And then, things got really weird. It was like everything went kind of blank and some Other Brenda took over. When I regained consciousness, I was back at home and....ummm......well.....allow me to introduce you to someone:

He doesn't have a name yet. Little Bud II? Actually he should be called Mighty Bud because he's bigger than Little Bud. I know, I know, stop yelling at me! I couldn't help it, he was so cute and he was wiggling his nose at me and I just couldn't help myself! Bud With No Name Yet is a regular, short-haired all-American run-of-the-mill domestic hamster. Little Bud is a Russian Dwarf hamster, so he is a lot smaller. BWNNY scores a Cuteness Rating of 10. Little Bud, as you already know, is a 10 also. Stop yelling at me, yes I know I have an impulsiveness problem!! I blacked out, okay? I didn't know what I was doing. Yes, I realize my house is the size of a large shoebox and that I really don't have room for another hamster. But BWNNY needed a home and he was asking real sweet to come home with me so who am I to say no?

He loves his new water bottle. Look at his little pink nose!

The cats, of course, are just beside themselves with joy:

I'm keeping the new hamster. If Sparkle can have her own hamster then I can have one too! Its not fair, I got a good yearly review at work so I can buy something I want. So can I keep him....pleeeeeaase, pleeeeease? Pretty please with sugar on top? You know I just love animals.

Out of all the doom and gloom that went on yesterday, one good thing happened. I got the chance to meet someone in person who actually reads my blog! He sometimes posts in the comments as "Sponge" and it was kind of like meeting a long lost member of the family. Sometimes you feel like you already know someone when you haven't even met them yet. The internet is truly a glorious invention. I can't believe how many truly cool people I've been able to meet, online and in real life . After Sponge left everyone was like "who was that? Who was that?" and I was like...."its one of my FANS, thank you very much." LOL!

Just think, if he ever decided to start writing his own blog, he could call it.......