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Monday, February 14, 2005


Happy Valentine's Day to you! As you surf your daily blogs and websites today, I'm sure you're going to be reading all kinds of sappy-ass love stories with happy endings. So here's a pathetically true story with an even more pathetic ending.

1981 - 10th grade English class....it was just about this time of year. A New Boy comes to our school. He had dark unruly hair and the most gorgeous eyes. He was quiet as a mouse and slipped right under everyone's radar except mine. I thought he was soooo cute sitting there in the back of the room, shy and geeky but trying to be a badass at the same time; not quite succeeding. It wasn't long before I'd changed my seat to be near his.
"What's your name?"
"Where you from?"
[Don't remember what he said]
"Well, welcome to the school."
And his eyes just lit up at me, he liked me, every girl knows when the guy likes you.

Day after day in English...just talking, getting to know each other, me helping him with his schoolwork because he wouldn't do it. But he was smart, he seemed to know a lot about most everything. I was crushing on him bad. He would smile at me so sweet and those eyes....I really liked him and I was getting impatient...I just wanted to say "Dude, ASK ME OUT!" But he didn't. One day he asks me if I know where he could buy any pot. Now, I was no angel by any means but I wasn't into that stoner crowd at school....loser rednecks going nowhere. So I just said...."not really but you could probably talk to some of those guys that hang out by the buses at lunch".....and that was that.

He fell into that stoner crowd and totally changed. He acted all badass and his eyes didn't light up at me anymore. Almost overnight, it seemed like everything changed between us. I was soooo disappointed....I was really into this guy. I moved my seat back to the front of the classroom and didn't look back at him anymore. Of course, he hardly came to class anymore anyway. He was seriously flunking out.

Then about two weeks before school ended there was a major drug bust. 14 kids were arrested for possession of whatever it was they possessed. They'd all been NARCed out by an undercover cop. Guess who the undercover cop was?

Dear God, leave it my incredibly stupid ass to fall in love with the School Undercover Cop. There's no telling how old that guy really was. I had never felt so stupid in my whole life, I felt really stupid, really REALLY stupid. I guess he just sucked up to me to find out where the stoner boys hung out so he could infiltrate and arrestitize. What
was even worse is I didn't want my dad to find out how stupid I was. He was a cop too, probably knew the guy and the guy had probably put two and two together and figured out who my dad was. But iff my dad ever found out, he never said anything.

Now I'm old and time takes care of all wounds. The guy was just doing his job, that's all. And I bet he got a huge laugh out it, I would have if I had been him.