I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I survived my first Valentine's Day without a romantic partner in.....how many years? Who knows. But I survived and I have a fairly upbeat attitude.

I started spring cleaning this past weekend....I was inspired by Judy at http://justaskjudy.blogspot.com/ and Mac at http://www.mccrary.blogspot.com/ As I have stated before, one of my goals in life is less possessions. I've owned many things and only about 10% of them brought me any happiness. So I've been merciless in my spring cleaning...I'm getting rid of a lot of "sentimental" stuff....things like old schoolwork, old love letters, stuff that its just crazy to keep holding onto, unless they were going to open a Brenda Love Memorial Library.....and that's not going to happen. I figure if I have clothes, CDs, books and the microscope, that should be good enough. And a toothbrush, can't forget that. I have approached my spring cleaning with the mindset that I have six months left to live.....all the junk has to go.

I took Sparkle and Bitchard out to eat crab legs for Valentine's Day. Those kids are Crab Leg Crazy. It was also a celebration of sorts for me too.....its my Quit Smoking Anniversary. I have been cigarette-free for 6 years now. Quitting was the hardest thing I have ever done....but now when I smell someone who has been smoking...its like the worst thing ever. Contrary to popular belief, people don't quit smoking and get all self-righteous....they quit smoking and realize that its the most obnoxious smell in the world and they never want to breathe that crap again. That's why all the people who have quit encourage YOU to quit too. If any of you out there are reading this and are thinking about quitting smoking....you can do it. It's hard as hell but if I can do it, ANYONE can do it. I was so totally hooked on it. Plus its always a relief when New Years' rolls around and I don't have to worry about putting it on my perfection list.


Here's Sparkle and her friend Chelsea, who is not living in Durham at the moment, though we wish she would come back. We've known Chelsea forever. Her dad and Sparkle's dad were roomates way back in the day. I told them to get close together for the picture but it looks like all their boobs were getting in the way. LOL! I don't remember being so stacked when I was 14/15 years old.

Chelsea has been through a WHOLE LOT for someone her age but its admirable how she has dealt with it all and just seems to keep moving forward. She has a lot of musical talent and I know she is going to turn out to be great. She knows we are always here if she ever needs to talk or just hang out and have some peace and quiet.