I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Saturday, February 12, 2005


I have this friend that really gets on my nerves sometimes. She's a really sweet person and the main interest we share is reading. She mostly likes Dean Koontz/Stephen King-type stuff, while my taste is more science/current events type stuff. But I do love the occasional good novel too. My friend never wants to borrow my books. I don't want to borrow hers either....but she MAKES me. She is totally obsessed with lending me books. "You HAVE to read this!" Then she calls and gets pissy because I haven't finished them yet. I've told her before, I'm slow at getting books finished because I.......AHEM.....can't sit around and read all day like some people do. This doesn't seem to make any difference to her....she fills my arms with books and then gets pissy because I haven't finished them yet.

So I finally decided, okay, enough. The next time I saw her I took some books back to her and she was all ready to load me up with a library. NO, I told her. "But you just HAVE to read this one!" she said. "No", I told her. "Well, why not?" she said. I told her about my Border's book store trip a few months back and that I had PLENTY to read and that I was worried that I wouldn't be able to read anything she lent me for months anyway.

She says....."But..." She was sad. Her whole world was truly crashing down. "Will you take at least one book?" HUH? I felt sorry for her, so I took a damn book. What is it in this girl's brain structure that COMPELS her to lend me books and act as if I've decided to end our friendship if I don't take a book from her? And you wait, she's going to be calling here in a couple of weeks, all pissy because I haven't finished the damn book. RRRRRRRRRRRR!

The snack day at work went well. Everyone partook of my deviled eggs with gusto, no one even stopping to consider that those eggs might have been screaming at some point. Mac over at http://www.mccrary.blogspot.com/ has reassured me that lobsters do NOT scream when they are getting boiled....however they do raise a lot of hell....which would be enough to make me cry.

So bow your head and say a prayer for all the lobsters who lost their lives today. Say a prayer for the chicks that might have accidentally gotten sent to the egg factory today. And say a prayer for Texas Gurl's goose Lucy, who was attacked by a bobcat over at http://txgurl.blogspot.com/