I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Thursday, February 24, 2005


I had to make a quick run to Petsfart tonight before closing time so I could purchase some emergency nautilus equipment for my hamster, who by the way has a real name now. His name is Happy. Happy Happy Hamster a.k.a. "Triple H". The little exercise wheel that came with Triple H's cage wasn't working too well, so I took it out until I could go get another one. Well, this made Happy extremely UNHappy. I wish I could get that depressed over no exercise! Who knew they were such sensitive little buddies? He burrowed into his house and wouldn't come out. So off to the store I ran, where I discovered that there has been a Hamster Wheel Revolution since I last paid attention. They have all kinds of space age hamster wheels now that make absolutely no noise at all. They're rather attractive wheels too. Gone are the days of the steel creaky hamster wheel, like the one pictured above. By the way, that's not one of our hamsters in the picture....neither of them would come out of their houses for a pic tonight.

I took a nap this afternoon and when I woke up the TV was on Nickelodeon. There was a show coming on I'd never seen before called "My Dad the Rock Star". Well all it took was a look at the lead character to figure out whose brainchild this was.....Gene Simmons from Kiss. And oh God, it was so terrible. You can probably figure out the plot....kids, rock star dad, veiled kid-friendly references to a wild and crazy past that little kids are not going to understand anyway. *sigh* When we all die and make it up to Heaven, you can rest assured our lives are going to be great.....but Gene Simmons is still going to be trying to find a way to make a buck off his life story and Snoop Dogg will still be pimping everything from AOL to corn flakes.

I had to have some blood drawn today....no problem. They put a Band Aid on after they drew the blood and all was well. Later on I went to take the Band Aid off. This particular brand of Band Aids must have tiny suction cups on them or something, because that thing was STUCK on my arm. I tried tugging on it gently to no avail. I decided to just suck it up and rip it off like all the brave people do and be done with it. I did it and ripped a huge amount of skin off my arm. It wasn't a pretty sight and still isn't. They should just use these Band Aids to get blood instead of needles. So add ripping Band Aids off to the list of things I will never, ever do again. The list just keeps getting longer.

UPDATE: Happy Bud has found his wheel. All is well on Planet Brenda tonight.