I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Thursday, February 08, 2007


I have my cell phone service through Nextel. For those of you that have Nextel, you already know about the beep-beep. For those that don't, the phone features a direct connect feature, affectionately known as the "beep-beep" here in the South. All you do is beep your friends that have Nextel also, and you can be talking to them without charge.

Walkie-talkie style. Ohhhh yeah.

Now, when you were a kid, you loved walkie-talkies. I already know this without even knowing you....all kids love walkie-talkies, radios and such. I can remember watching longingly as my dad spoke on his police radio.....a device that was so TOTALLY off-limits to me that it became a dream to actually use it one day. I never had my very own walkie-talkies either, though I remember helping quite a few kids burn up the batteries on theirs. The Nextel phone has awakened the child-beast within.

I can't get enough of the beep-beep. I like calling people when I don't really have anything to say, just to hold the phone up to my mouth and speak into it like a real walkie-talkie. Also, I MUST speak the walkie-talkie lingo while I use it. I'm actually saying things like "10-4, I'll be there shortly!" "That's a negative, I'm going straight home." And every conversation ends with "Roger, over and out."

It's driving everyone crazy. Sparkle is like "Mom, you do know you're not actually on a RADIO, right?" Well....yeah. Stop taking the fun out if it, if you don't mind. A deeply rooted dream is being fulfilled.....and God knows I pay enough for the privilege every month.

Roger, over and out.