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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Well, it looks like I'll be making the switch to the new Blogger. They are harrassing the poo out of me. I have to log in every time I post now, and I have to log in for every single comment I make on anybody else's blog. I love the way they find these ways to make you switch. I'll do it this weekend. If my blog disappears forever, you will know that it was finally eaten by the Corporate Machine.

I spotted another Corporate Machine victim today on the way to the bank. There is a place at the local KMart you can go to get your taxes done (AS IF!) and its called Liberty Tax. Somewhere along the line, they decided that it would be really cute advertising to hire people and make them stand at the intersection of an extremely busy road in a Statue of Liberty costume:

Except that the model in this picture looks like a model. These people that stand at the intersection.....wow. The other day there was a woman in her 60's in the Liberty costume, dancing and doing the twist on the street corner. Today they had a 400 lb. black man squeezed into the Liberty costume.....in 20 degree weather!!! He kept pointing to us all at the intersection, kind of a "you go, dawg!" type gesture.

Why does Liberty Tax think I would choose them to do my taxes based upon how badly they abuse and exploit employees? How would you go about making a complaint about something like that? Or should I just lighten up?

Finally, I would like to post Bam Margera's wedding pic from this past weekend:

Why am I doing this? Simply because I have gotten hundreds of hits off of a prior picture of Bam that I posted a year or so ago.....this is pure and simple blogwhoredom in its most concentrated form, and I'm okay with that. You know people are going to love clicking on a wedding pic.
Somewhere out there, Jessica Simpson is plotting to buy a voodoo doll.
Pic was totally stolen from Perez Hilton's site, but since HE probably stole it, I guess its okay?