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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


God I hate Ebay! I never go there anymore because when I do, I always find something I just GOTTA have. And you can bet your booty that if I want it, its going to be like the only one of its kind ever in the whole wide world. And you can also bet on that when the auction is coming to an end, someone is going to swoop in at the last 4 seconds and outbid me, and outbid me good. I mean, who can type that fast? And who are all these people buying all this stuff? How come they have so much money AND killer typing skills?

I wanted this 4 CD set and....so did this other person. I clicked on his name and looked at his feedback record, because they list the things the person has bought in the past. And this guy has a long, sordid history of outbidding other hopefuls like every couple of days and on the weirdest things. He paid $41.00 for a Ted Nugent CD. Whaaaaat? $41.00???? Did Ted Nugent actually leave some DNA on the CD or what? I carefully checked over this nugget of bidding history and there was nothing special about that CD at all, other than the fact that it looks like a little bidding war broke out over it. Yeah, this guy was going to have the last word no matter what. Nobody is going to get the best of HIM over a Ted Nugent CD.

I repeat....$41.00?????????

I knew I was screwed on my auction. And I was. I don't like to lose and Ebay makes me feel like a big loser, because I always lose. My only satisfaction is that I drove the price up $30.00 more than that guy would have paid had I NOT bid. That would have almost bought him another Ted Nugent CD. Sheesh.