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Thursday, February 01, 2007


I went out and bought myself a very nice set of "professional artist" colored drawing pencils for an art project I am doing. $14.00 they were. There's 24 of them in the box. It states that the lead is harder than in most other colored pencils, so it doesn't break as easily under pressure. Everything seemed like it was going okay, up until the time I was ready for color.

I opened up the box and none of the pencils were sharpened. It was just a pencil. Isn't this the kind of information they should include on the front of the box? I had to take them all out of the box and sit at the electric pencil sharpener and grind 24 pencils. And I'm lucky! What about all those other people that don't have an electric pencil sharpener? If I had to sit there and sharpen 24 pencils with the My Little Pony manual sharpener that I own, I would have been one extremely pissed off person.

Come on. You're making a quality pencil. You're charging out the ass for it. Surely you can go ahead and install a sharpening unit on the pencil conveyor belt line. SHEESH!