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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Please take a moment today to remember the victims from 9/11 and their families.

I had to work today (Saturday) from 6:00 to 12:30. Afterwards I went to the (free) Conglomo gym and worked out. Yes, I have been working out. How else am I going to keep putting in these 12 hour work days during the week? I need energy. After I finished up there I hit K-Mart for a few birthday cards, hand soap and other bathroom favorites. Then I went to Office Depot for some supplies. Then it was off to the pet store for snake food. On the way home I got snagged in the traffic from the Duke game.

There was a whole boatload of Virginia Tech fans out on the highway. All (and I mean ALL) of the Virginia Tech fans have huge SUVs and they are all massively decorated with various VT decorations, flags, stickers, etc. We Duke fans love to show our support too....but DAYUM, those VT fans are really really really into their school spirit! And they were all over the highway....sudden lane changes and braking for no reason....either they were drunk or they couldn't understand the concept of Highway 15-501 - either is possible.

When I got home I found out that Virginia Tech had administered a major fanny spanking to Duke....45 to 0. So yeah, all those VTers out on the highway were probably pissy drunk. Looks like its gonna be another spectacular year for the Duke Football program. *Sigh* Oh well, at least we're used to losing. Thank God for basketball.

Word of warning to Southerners:

I've had be out both early AND late here recently, and I'm here to tell you....the deer are on the move. I'm seeing more and more of them....they are all over the neighborhood at night and they are starting to roam in packs. It looks like rutting season is going to get an early start. It won't be long before they are jumping out in front of your car while you're driving. Keep your eyes open and watch your speed.

And finally, I just HAVE to quote Greg from Hasty Ruminations regarding the firing of the FEMA head honcho:

"Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said that they dumped Brown, the incompetent FEMA guy, as the Gulf Coast efforts were entering "a new phase of the recovery operation."

I suppose that would be the phase where actual people receive actual help."

Greg cracks me up. He would be an excellent writer for that Jon Stewart Daily Show on Comedy Central.