I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Friday, September 09, 2005


Shout out to Jen at Brainwashed at Birth: I see your blog is gone. Please let me know if you decide to start up a new blog, I was just gettin' to know ya!

Shout out to Christine at Blog Bucket: Girlfriend, I am so, so worried. Where ARE you? Its getting simply Viking Kingish. You're missed.

Shout out to Mac at Life In The 21st Century: Mac ran into a spot o' bad luck and she hasn't been around since. I'm worried for her.

Shout out to DM at Confessions of a Dangerous Mind: I am missing your wit and wisdoms. Please check in soon!!

Just some of the people that make the internet interesting. And YOU make it interesting too.

I've been on a new project at work. At first I felt like a dismal failure....but I decided I was going to dig in and persevere even if it killed me. I had a roaring breakthrough today...the rusted hinges of my brain finally swung open and understanding flooded in like waves. I think I can do this. And possibly even excel. And get my brain oiled simultaneously.

One of the project managers told me today she has been very impressed with my tenacity...because this project IS unbelievably tedious....and I'm pretty sure that was the exact words she used. I LOVE COMPLIMENTS! I'm sure I was beaming like a kid who got a gold star for completed homework. Now....show me the money!!!

Conglomo has also announced a possible plan to put together a team of employees to head down to New Orleans for a short while to help rebuild. This would come later on, of course. I would need to find out what they have in mind and what the details of the plan would be.....but I already know I want to do it if there's any way I can. I think feeling like I was actually doing something to help would fill up something inside me that's been empty ever since all this hurricane crap happened.

Ok, gotta go to bed. Need to read. Need to sleep!