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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Time to fill you in on some celebrity gossip!

I got this little piece of gossip from D-Listed days ago - but it took a couple of days to digest. Keanu Reeves, who is not much older than me, is now dating Diane Keeton, who's like 59 or 60. I just think that is totally hot. Diane, you GO GIRL! Apparently they have dated before, which I did not know, but then Keanu met some young thing, which I did know. But did it last? Nope. So now he's back with Diane. Those young girls, they're dumb as rocks....aren't they, Keanu?

One of my favorite singers of all time, Neneh Cherry, was featured in a short blurb in Entertainment Weekly magazine recently. This was a relief for me, as it seems no one remembers who she is anymore. Girlfriend just kind of disappeared. Come to find out that Neneh backed off from show business because, as she put it, "I got slighly insecure about my work." SAY WHAT?? I guess this just goes to show that even the greatest get the blues. The good news is Neneh is planning a solo comeback. I'll be there, Neneh, with checkbook in hand. I haven't forgotten who you are.

And finally, Jean-Claude Van Damme is looking like a crazed Marine drill instructor these days. He looks more than just a little scary.